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Website Optimization

Website Optimization, also known as “on page optimization”, is the process that makes your website rank high on search engines by using specific keywords. We help the right customers find you by using certain ranking criteria that we set up on your website.

Integrity Marketing makes sure your keywords and locations are strategically placed throughout your online marketing campaigns.
Here is an overview of our website optimization practices:

Meta Tag Optimization:

Meta is a fancy word for the website code on the page that you can’t see. This includes:

  • Title Tags:
    These are the blue words you click on when clicking on a website from search engines. Your most important keywords should be in here, including locations.
  • Description:
    This is 1 to 3 sentences you read in a search engine that give a brief summary of what your webpage is about. Google likes to see keywords in here.
  • Keywords:
    This part is only seen by search engines. This area tells search engine spiders or robots exactly what your page is about.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization simply refers to helping your website rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing by placing your keywords and locations on the parts of your website that you can actually see, without looking at the websites code.

  • Header Tags:
    Also known as “H” tags, these tags are very visible to online visitors, so search engines place much importance on them. Just like chapter titles are important to a book, header tags are important to your rankings.
  • Alt Text:
    This simple code allows search engines to know what certain things are about that it would not usually be able know on their own. Alt text can be used for pictures, links, and much more.
  • Title Text:
    Similiar to alt text, when a visitor hovers over a link or picture with their mouse, there is often a brief text description. This not only tells the online visitor what the item is about, but also search engines. Hover over this link for an example: Integrity Marketing
  • Internal Link Structure:
    It is also wise to have all the links inside your website to have embedded links telling search engines what each page is about. Instead of your links saying Click Here, they should say Local SEO Blog.
  • Bullet Lists:
    Search engines also love seeing your keywords in bullet lists. It’s a small factor, but it all adds up.
  • Bold Text:
    Similar to bullet lists, search engines like to see your main keywords highlighted with Bold Text.

Link Building

Also known as “off page optimization”, link building is simply placing links on other websites that link back to yours. Each link counts as a vote telling search engines that your site is more relevant and trustworthy.

Our link building practices include:

  • Embedded Links:
    The best links are embedded links. This means that the actual link has keywords in it such as Local SEO instead of
  • Link Exchanges:
    Link exchanges are when other similiar websites link to yours, and visa versa. By linking to each other, Google sees both your websites as being more relevant and authoritative in search engines.
  • Directory Listings:
    Local online directories such as Merchant Circle, Hotfrog, and Yahoo Local are all examples of online business directories. We place your company in each of these directories to help you receive more backlinks from these online directories. Every bit helps.

Google Places

Also known as Google Maps or Google Local Listings, Google Places gives you a great advantage over your competitors who do not have a local map listing. Having an optimized Google Places listing helps you stand out in search engines. It lets your potential clients know you are local and it allows others to read and leave reviews.