What We Do

We make your website show up higher in Google, so your customers can find you. We achieve this through a method called “SEO”.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fancy word for “telling Google what your website is about and why Google should place your website at the top of search results, above your competitors.” There are many factors that are involved, but for the sake of simplicity, I’ll only be going over the main factors.

Each example below will use a plumbing website as the example.

The Main Three Factors of Ranking a Website (Relevance, Authority and Trust):

1. Relevance means that a website is closely associated with what you are trying to rank for in Google. If you are a plumber trying to rank for the keyword “plumber Los Angeles”, your website should be about plumbing. It should have content, videos and pictures all talking about your Los Angeles based plumbing business. Other websites that are about plumbing should also link to your site. It would also help to receive links from websites closely associated with the Los Angeles area.

2. Authority means other top websites link to yours. If a top plumbing site writes an article about “the best plumbing service in Los Angeles” and mentions your plumbing website in it, and gives your website a link, then your website gains more authority in Google.

3. Trust is a human element that shows Google that real people like your website. This is done by creating direct traffic to your site, lowering your websites’ bounce rate (aka keeping website visitors on your site for a while), increasing your social shares on popular social media sites, and improving the overall experience of your online visitors.

At the end of the day, the website with the most relevance, authority and trust wins the top ranking in search engines.

How we go about ranking your website

On Page Optimization: Your website will have your keywords placed properly and naturally throughout your websites’ content, images, coding and meta data. Wherever Google looks for what your site is about, we will make sure they can find it. This helps with relevance.

Off Page Optimization (link building): Our team will actively find websites that have authority in Google, buy them, set up websites on them and then place content related to your niche. Then finally these sites will link to your website. This creates both relevance and authority to your website.

Trust: We will share your website, other websites that link to you, and your other online content across social media sites. This makes you look like a real company, engaging with real people. If real people are talking about your company or brand on social media, then chances are Google can trust your website enough to rank it.

We will also drive traffic to your website through social media, direct traffic and through search engine traffic.
1. Direct traffic is when someone types in your website directly into the web browser.
2. Social traffic is when someone visits your site by clicking on something that is shared on social media.
3. Search engine traffic is when someone clicks on your link from Google after performing a search. Searches could be for services you offer, services you offer + your location, branded searches, as well as any combination of the three. Search examples: “Plumbing in Los Angeles, Plumbing, Roto Rooter, Roto Rooter plumbing in Los Angeles, etc.

By creating a crowd of searches around your site, not only does Google understand what your site is about (relevance) but it also communicates to Google that your site is more trusted and important than your competitors, because more people are clicking on your site.

There are many other factors that go into ranking your website (i.e. Google Places, videos and other online content), but this is the broad overview of what we do.

At the end of the day, Google stays in business by returning the best websites whenever someone makes a Google search. By implementing the above ranking factors (relevance, authority and trust) and adding our own secret sauce, we prove to Google that your website is exactly what someone would want to find when doing a Google search for your products or services.