Why Choose Integrity Marketing?


1. Risk-Free Guarantee

You start the first month for FREE and then your contract rolls into a month to month. We don’t believe in long term contracts that are not in the best interests of our clients. Our business model is designed to make it so the SEO specialist assigned to your account does not get paid until your account is successful. So it is in the best interest of our local SEO company and specialist to do well on your account.

2. SEO + Much More

There are 3 main components to local internet marketing. So you need more than just local SEO marketing. You need online visitors to convert into phone calls, walk-ins, and sales. Our SEO experts know this, and will be consulting you on new ways to improve your online presence.

    • Local Search Marketing

Optimizing your website to show on the front pages of search engines for your services and products within your geographical area.

    • Website Conversion Optimization

Your website needs needs to function properly, have complementary colors, get your message across correctly, and turn online visitors into clients.

    • Reputation Management

Your company needs to be in good standings within your local community. Without positive reviews, customers will be less trustwory of your companies integrity.

3. Unmatched Customer Service

Your SEO expert is tied to the success of your business. Your personal SEO expert does not get paid hourly our sallary. Your expert only gets paid a portion of your monthly billing. This allows their financial lively hood to be directly linked to the success of your online marketing campaign.

4. Integrity and Transparency

Our company’s culture encourages openness and integrity with each of our clients. It’s been said that the lack of communication is the demise of any relationship. That includes business relationships. We want our clients to feel like they know us and know what we’re working on. We promise to have integrity, openness, and the appropriate amount of communication of your results from our services. We are fully equipped to show you simple, professional graphs of your unique hits and results on a regular basis. We will be everything you expect in an honest local SEO company, and more.

Call Integrity Marketing for a friendly consultation: 1-800-507-3274